School Innovation & Improvement Plan

An at-a-glance look at outcome goals for this academic school year

School Innovation & Improvement Plan Plan At-a-Glance

  • 2023-2024

  • Columbia Elementary School

  • Region 6

  • Mike Astudillo, Principal

English Language Arts Strategies


  • By the end of the 2023-2024 school year, the percent of 3rd grade students with disabilities who pass the reading state assessment will increase by 10 percentage points as measured by the reading SOL/VAAP.


  • Increase intentional use of scaffolds, supports and extensions in whole group settings (word recognition, language comprehension and writing). (HLP 2-4)
  • Increase impact of tier 2 interventions for students demonstrating risk by using FCPS-recommended programs and practices with fidelity (e.g., Lexia, UFLI). (HLP 5)
  • Expand access to evidence-based tier 1 instruction as well as intervention for students demonstrating risk in a multi-tiered system of supports. (HLP 1-5)



  • By the end of the 2023-2024 school year students with disabilities will improve by 10 percentage points as measured by the end of year Math SOL.  


  • Increase systems of support during the school day, after school and summer to help students achieve success in mathematics.
  • Use conversation structures to increase academic talk between students.
  • Increase teacher implementation of explicit instruction and other components of effective mathematics intervention.

Portrait of a Graduate


  • By the end of SY23-24, all students will demonstrate a 25% increase in understanding of reflection skills and a 25% increase in ability to demonstrate resilience during a difficult task as measured by a pre- and post-assessment.


  • Classrooms will aim to achieve 100% of ST Math postcards by the end of 23-24 school year.
  • Utilizing Lexia pre-test data, students will identify a number of weekly units to complete in order to meet EOY goals.
  • Collaborative teams will align content knowledge and skills with POG attributes and skills. 


For additional information regarding this School Plan, please contact Principal Mike Astudillo.