Family Liaison

I'm Roxana Linarte Saavedra, your dedicated Family Liaison at Columbia. It's a pleasure to introduce myself to this vibrant community. I've been married for fifteen wonderful years and am a proud parent of four beautiful daughters. My family is a tapestry of passions – from sports like soccer and swimming to the arts, theater, and music. On the professional front, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and a Master's degree in Business Administration. While my academic journey has taught me a lot, life has instilled in me the importance of resource and time management. These skills are indispensable in both our personal and professional worlds. In my role as your Family Liaison, I see myself as a bridge between our school and its families. My primary aim is to ensure seamless communication, provide clarity on our school's programs, goals, policies, and procedures, and be an open channel for any queries or concerns you might have. I invite you all to reach out to me whenever you need information or simply wish to discuss aspects of our school community. Together, we can ensure a harmonious and productive environment for our children. Thank you, and I'm looking forward to a fantastic year ahead! 


My office hours are: Mon 09:00-4:00 Tue & Thu 12:30-2:00 Wed & Fri 09:00-2:00 I speak: Spanish & English