Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Fairfax County Public Schools encourages students to bring their personally-owned computing devices to school for use in the classroom as an instructional tool. Approved personally-owned computing devices include tablets (such as iPad, Xoom, etc.), smartphones, and e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc.) that have Wi-Fi capability. These devices can enhance the instructional program, and will allow students to use such devices, with teacher permission, in the classroom.

Students are responsible for the security of the device. Teachers and other staff will not store or hold onto devices. School technology support or teachers will not support, repair or troubleshoot student devices.

Students should fully charge the device prior to bringing it to school as the school is not responsible to provide an opportunity or the necessary power to charge the device during the school day.

Students should only bring personal devices for a specific use in classes where the teacher has permitted them. Devices are not to be used in open areas (hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms, or the playground).

To use their device in school, students need to bring their device to the tech office so a member of the Tech Team can access the FCPSonboard Network. Devices that were connected last year must be reconnected this year.

Parents need to sign the SR&R (Student Rights and Responsibilities). This was sent home in September. There is a section on BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device) in Appendix A of the SR&R. If you already signed and returned the SR&R, you do not need to complete any additional paperwork.

This is an excerpt from Appendix A:

Personally own computing/network devices BYOD:

  • Students using personally own electronic devices must follow the policy stated in this document while on school property, attending school-sponsored activities, or using the FCPS network.
  • Students using a personally own device with a wireless network are only permitted to connect to the FCPS Wi-Fi network (not private cellular service) while on FCPS property.
  • No device placed on the FCPS network will have software that monitors, analyzes, or may cause disruption to the FCPS network.
  • FCPS is not responsible for any device data loss, theft, damage or other associated costs of replacement or repair as a result of a student participating in the BYOD initiative.
  • FCPS staff will not be responsible to store, support, or troubleshoot a student owned device.
  • Students will take for responsibility for any personally own device and will appropriately secure all devices when not in use.
  • Activities on the FC PS network may be subject to discovery under the freedom of information act (FOIA). FCPS reserves the right to monitor and investigate all devices and activities on the FCPS network. The device may also be confiscated by school authorities in accordance with the student rights and responsibilities (SR&R) document.

Devices that are not used appropriately are subject to confiscation and will be returned to the parent.

We hope that you will take advantage of this special opportunity!